NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo and SPIRE: An Investment in Success


Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Dikembe Mutombo has finalized an investment in SPIRE through the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, a division of the private international consulting firm, American Ventures

American Ventures (AMVA) utilizes its global network of social, political and business relationships in order to develop and further enhance industry opportunities that strengthen new and developing technologies, industries, products and services. AVMA empowers organizations and like-minded people to contribute to a better world.

Mutombo’s investment will serve the strategic purpose of continuing to elevate SPIRE in becoming the premier training institute in the world – working with the best faculty, trainers, and educators in the industry. Mutombo’s group will work with SPIRE to attract and secure international talent and expand the Academy’s global reach with an enhanced focus on the continent of Africa. Mutombo will work closely with SPIRE to partner with global entities to provide sponsorships that will aid student athletes across the globe, enabling student athletes and dedicated youth to experience the full benefits of SPIRE.

Dikembe Mutombo explains, “As someone for whom sports has created significant opportunities, it has been my dream to help create opportunities for other young athletes. SPIRE realizes our dream to help athletes not only develop excellence on the court or field, but develop the heart, mind and soul as well. SPIRE Academy is perfectly positioned and equipped to offer this kind of holistic enrichment for young men and women as they develop their athletic potential and grander potential as human beings. We are genuinely excited for this investment and partnership with SPIRE.”

SPIRE’s managing partner, Jonathan Ehrenfeld, sees the full potential of this investment, “Dikembe’s long-established record and accolades as an athlete and humanitarian are the essentials of what we want to model for our SPIRE student athletes. These young students are already making tremendous sacrifices to be the best in their respective fields. We give them the best building blocks in personal and athletic skills development, from our state-of-the-art facilities to our world-renowned coaches and faculty. SPIRE strives to provide access to limitless opportunities as we focus on college placement, career and community development, emulating Dikembe’s legacy of care and contribution to the world around us. This partnership will allow us to build bridges and strengthen ties with our global partners and supercharge the values at the heart of the SPIRE Way.”

Dikembe Mutombo’s influence will positively impact athletes worldwide by enabling SPIRE to continue to provide mentorship and diverse educational opportunities for students across the globe.

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