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College Planning & Placement- Four Must-Dos

Are you serious about being recruited to play college sports? Hoping to score an athletic scholarship? SPIRE’s College Planning & Placement team created some helpful resources we hope will help you get noticed by NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III programs, and NAIA and JUCO coaches..

Regardless of what sport you play, or what your scholarship dreams may be, the best way to get seen and get recruited by college coaches and scouts is a four-step process:

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  • 1. Do everything you can to gain exposure.

    Attend camps and showcases, volunteer to mentor younger athletes, register for events, upload videos and consider a recruiting profile on a targeted web site for your sport. You never know who will be watching, so never give less than your all…ever.

  • 2. Introduce yourself to college coaches.

    A well-crafted email that includes your statistics or embedded video footage of you in action will give a collegiate coach a good introduction to who you are. Conclude your email with “I’ll be giving you a call in the next few weeks to follow up”—and then make sure you make that call.

  • 3. Consider the big picture.

    Your sport may be uppermost on your mind but take the time to look at the entire college or university. Look into the GPA requirements and the majors offered by the school. What do you think of the facilities and the school’s location? Make sure your top college choice is a good fit for you by looking at the big picture.

  • 4. Focus on your grades.

    Sub-par grades will limit your athletic recruiting options. Don’t miss out on your top choice because you didn’t keep your grades up. Balance your athletic training with academic rigor.  Take courses that challenge you and show that you will be able to handle college level coursework.  And, remember – colleges look at your cumulative GPA from grades 9 through 12.  9th and 10th grade are critical to laying the foundation for a strong GPA.

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