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At SPIRE, we believe that the college planning and placement process is one of the most important aspects of Academy life—and you can’t start this process too early!

Our college planning process begins Freshman year and only concludes when a student has graduated from college or chosen and achieved their goals on a different path.   Below is a brief outline of some of the services we provide to our students during each of their years at SPIRE, and beyond.

The NCAA has stringent requirements and strict rules, and the college placement process can be difficult to navigate for those who don’t have a solid plan based on clear direction. SPIRE’s experienced college planning and placement staff, together with our coaching team, have a strong network of college coach relationships that can eliminate many of the unknowns, and help identify the right program for you.

Our College Prep Team works hard to ensure that, during your years at the Academy, you are well equipped and eligible for college. And because independence and personal responsibility  play a key role in your eventual success, we encourage you to address each item in the following college checklist to the best of your ability:

  • Keep your grades up all four years of high school. They count!
  • Take the PSAT in your sophomore year, and the SAT and ACT in your junior year.
  • If you are an international student with English as a second language, take the TOEFL in your junior year.
  • Prioritize your college choices based on its sports/esports program, location, academics, size, team and any other factors you consider important.
  • Make as many unofficial college visits as possible to get a feel for the type of school you’d like to attend.
  • Register for the NCAA clearinghouse.
  • Make official visits after you start your senior year.
  • Commit during the signing period!

Whether you aspire to an NCAA Division I, II or III school, an NAIA school, or any other college or university, we believe there’s a path for everyone to attain their goals. At SPIRE, we are committed to helping you find your best possible college fit based on your personal goals, your prowess in your specialty passion and your academic proficiency.

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  • Freshmen Year

    • Weekly college counseling seminar
    • At least one individual meeting to discuss higher education, goals beyond high school and possible academic and career interests
    • One phone meeting with parents to discuss hopes and goals for their daughter or son
    • NCAA rules session regarding gifts, campus visits and college coach contact
    • College admission representative visits to SPIRE Academy during the fall semester
  • Sophomore Year

    • Weekly college counseling seminar
    • At least two individual meetings with each student to start narrowing the list of academic and career interests and colleges/universities that might be a good fit
    • At least one parent call with the student to discuss visiting colleges over the summer and parent role in the process
    • Pair with a senior or post-grad to talk about importance of academic achievement and their next steps
    • College admission representative visits to SPIRE Academy during the fall semester
  • Junior Year

    • Weekly college counseling seminar
    • Three or more individual meetings to narrow list of colleges
    • Discussions about setting up campus visits
    • Personal statement written exercises in English class
    • Early decision pros and cons
    • Work to complete over the summer in anticipation of senior year
  • Senior Year

    • Weekly college counseling seminar
    • As many meetings as necessary to have all applications submitted by admission application deadlines
    • Conversations with parents to ensure all are on the same page
    • Help with student anxiety
    • Help with selecting from acceptances which institution is best fit
    • Assistance with getting all college paperwork submitted on time
    • Commitment to help students and families if circumstances change and additional college help is needed beyond SPIRE graduation
  • College Placement List


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  • Tell me about the educational delivery model.

    SPIRE Academy provides core academic exposure, plus experiential and relational group learning options in conjunction with our educational partner, Grand River Academy.
    SPIRE’s learning environment balances academic and athletic training and development within facilities and programs that nurture personal growth and stimulate the desire to challenge oneself. And all of this is done while helping individuals identify and experience professions and career development opportunities that better prepare them for all of life’s journey.
    The coaching team, formally called teachers, are engaged to guide (not dictate) learning and facilitate achievement above self-expectations. SPIRE also offers personal, professional and career guidance.

    The SPIRE Four Pillar Model

    • Academics – College preparatory academics delivered using an integrated, cross-curricular, project-based model culminating in the earning of a transcript for submission and acceptance to college/university.
    • Passion Pursuit – Discover and or advance skills in a particular area of intense interest. Essentially – work toward living the dream.
    • Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) – Opportunities to gain understanding and working knowledge of professions delivered by experts who have worked in these field for many years.
    • Personal Skill Development – Learning about the whole self, collaborating and interacting with others,  trust, respect, managing failure, etc.
  • What does a day look like?

    Academy boarding and day students will spend approximately half the day (4-5 hours) being coached by seasoned educators as well as experienced professionals in specialty fields. These academic and business experts will share their combined knowledge, expertise and compassionate guidance. 

    As students work to embrace core academic material, they will also gain valuable hands on experience in areas meant to inspire them toward possible professional paths. In addition, students will grow in their understanding of self and learn to work well with others, while achieving personal goals and gaining a better understanding of where they will fit in the world.  

    The balance of a student’s day (4-5 hours) will be spent pursuing their area of personal passion (i.e. a particular sport). Included within this technical and tactical skill development training program is an integrated amount of performance training, which encompasses physical conditioning, mental skills training and nutrition/hydration guidance.

  • Where do student athletes live on campus? Will I have a roommate?

    SPIRE Village consists of 2,300 sq. ft. homes built specifically for SPIRE Academy student athletes. Each unit has six bedrooms and one house parent suite and a student lounge area. Each bedroom accommodates two twin beds, a nightstand, wardrobe, two study tables with chairs and a shared six-drawer chest. The student lounge has a big screen TV, a couch, chairs and a dining room table with chairs for house meetings. There are three student bathrooms and a washer and dryer.

  • How much is the tuition?

    Contact us by emailing [email protected]

  • How does SPIRE assist with college planning and placement?

    At SPIRE, we believe that the college planning and placement process is one of the most important aspects of Academy life—and you can’t start this process too early! 

    Our college planning process begins freshman year and only concludes when a student has graduated from college or chosen and achieved their goals on a different path.  

    SPIRE works with student athletes to find a university that is a good fit academically, athletically and socially.  Students are taught how to search for colleges and universities with their intended major as well as their desired sport using the guidance of their coaches, teachers and advisors.  This includes how to communicate with schools and coaches, fill out the Common Application and other applications, including filing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

  • Does SPIRE offer scholarships and financial assistance?

    SPIRE offers a limited amount of financial aid. Recipients are selected based on academics, athletics, character and financial review. For more information, please reference our admissions page.

  • Where can I find additional information about living at SPIRE Academy?

    Click here to find all resources related to living on the SPIRE Campus.

  • Do Academy students have access to drone racing and esports programs?


  • Is the Admissions process competitive?

    SPIRE looks at each student individually to determine if they would be a good fit.  The admissions process includes submitting an official transcript, letters of recommendation from an English teacher, math teacher, and principal or coach, an interview with the coach and Director of Admissions (either virtual or in-person) and a completed application.  Each applicant is reviewed by the Admissions Committee which is composed of administrators, teachers, and coaches to determine if the student meets SPIRE’s admissions requirements.

  • How good do I have to be in my sport?

    SPIRE accepts athletes of varying ability, but they all have one thing in common.  They come to SPIRE because they have the heart and desire to become better student athletes.  SPIRE student athletes come from various competitive backgrounds and all have different goals they want to achieve while here and beyond, whether it is to continue their sport after high school or beyond.

  • Does SPIRE Academy offer scholarships?

    SPIRE offers financial assistance for families who qualify.  Families must complete the Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS) through the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) which can be found at 


    SPIRE has a limited number of athletically based scholarships and need based assistance. Every family can apply.

  • Do you have any other question or need additional help with admissions?

    Please contact our Admissions Department at [email protected]

  • When is the deadline to apply?

    SPIRE works on rolling admission, meaning we accept applications until spaces are filled. We are currently accepting applications for the 23-24 school year through September 30, 2023.

  • Would participation in a post grad year affect my four-year NCAA eligibility?

    No, a post graduate year does not affect NCAA eligibility.

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