Anthony “Psykho” Vicente Named as Head Coach of Apex Legends


We’re pleased to announce the addition of Anthony “Psykho” Vicente as Head Coach of Apex Legends and the formation of the new SPIRE FIRE Apex Legends Team.

SPIRE FIRE is a full-time independent esports academy, within the greater SPIRE Academy family. Players entering the Apex Legends program will enjoy 5–6 Hours of coached Apex practice time per day, health and wellness support (i.e., physical/mental training, recovery, etc.), specialty classes taught by industry experts, on-campus housing, and a dedicated on-campus esports lab for streaming, practicing and competing. 

Anthony’s selection as the Head Coach marks the culmination of two years of development and preparation to offer this unique program. 

“Anthony is an extremely dedicated and well-prepared coach. His level of knowledge is impressive, but what sets him apart is his ability connect with players and provide them with the guidance and mentorship they need in these critical developmental stages.” said Director of esports Robert Skinnion. He continued, “I set out to create an environment that gives players the best chance to maximize their potential, and with Anthony leading our Apex program I feel confident that we’re providing on that promise.” 

Anthony previously coached for BearClaw Gaming, Reply Totem, and Next Level Esports. As a player, he achieved Predator ranking and turned his love of Apex into a coaching path. Growing from one-on-one coaching to Tier 3 to Tier 1 organizations, he also attended the 2022 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in Sweden.

Roster announcements for the new Apex Legends Program will follow in September.

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