SPIRE Welcomes Zac Bruback as Director of Mindset Development


We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Zac Bruback as the Director of Mindset Development. With a wealth of experience in mental skills coaching and sport psychology, Bruback brings a fresh perspective to the school’s elite training programs. President of SPIRE, Jeff Orloff, remarks, “Zac has worked with us over the past two years in a more limited capacity but with our significant growth over the past few years it became clear we needed to expand our Mental Skills Programming and Zac was the perfect fit. Zac’s skill set will provide our athletes with yet another opportunity to take their game, on and off the field, to the next level.”

Prior to joining SPIRE, Bruback spent over a decade working as a mental skills coach and sport psychology consultant for various organizations, including collegiate athletic programs, preparatory academies (including SPIRE), healthcare organizations and more. His expertise extends to corporate wellness, where he has successfully implemented personalized health and behavior initiatives for small businesses and companies.

Bruback’s extensive background has allowed him to collaborate closely with academic and athletic administration, medical personnel, strength and conditioning staff and executive leadership, all in the pursuit of positive outcomes for individuals and groups. Notably, he dedicated time to working and training with veterans at the North Texas VA Hospital, underscoring his commitment to helping others through his work.

An accomplished writer, Bruback has published several articles emphasizing the importance of exercise prescription in mental health services and the role of mindset training in athletics. His multifaceted approach to performance enhancement encompasses mental resilience, goal setting, focus improvement, managing performance anxiety and overcoming adversity.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University, a Master of Arts degree from The University of Akron and a Ph.D. in progress – ABD from The University of Akron, Bruback expertly combines academic rigor with practical training. His deep understanding of the psychological aspects of sports and his dedication to helping athletes, coaches and teams unlock their full potential makes him a highly valuable addition to the SPIRE family.

“I am thrilled to be joining the SPIRE family on a full-time basis with the opportunity to contribute to the overall growth and development of our student athletes. We are committed to establishing a first-class mental training program to complement the exceptional physical and technical training currently present and continue to build on the incredible energy here at SPIRE.”

As the school’s new Director of Mindset Development, Bruback utilizes his diverse skills to guide athletes at all levels to achieve peak performance levels. Through a comprehensive approach with personalized strategies and techniques, he empowers them to thrive not only in their athletic endeavors but also in all aspects of their lives.

SPIRE is thrilled to welcome Zac Bruback and looks forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly make as the school’s new Director of Mindset Development.

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