SPIRE Family, Local Community Come Together to Support Students’ Needs


The SPIRE “Family” is not a term that we use loosely here on campus. Whether it’s a student athlete, a faculty member or anyone else at SPIRE, when someone reaches out for help, we’re always here to answer the call. 

Recently, several international students from warm climates realized they didn’t quite have everything they needed from home, especially as the weather started to turn here along the shores of Lake Erie. SPIRE’s Customer Engagement Specialist, Lindsay Bell, took the initiative to rally support from the SPIRE Family and through her connections to the local community. After spreading the word on campus and through a local Facebook group, several groups and families from around the Geneva area immediately sprang into action. The response was beyond overwhelming. Bags of clothes were dropped off at SPIRE’s front door, and even at Lindsay’s home. Some of these families even reached out after the fact to say they could donate more should the need arise.

“We never want anyone to feel like they can’t ask for basic things,” Bell explained. “This is a special time for these kids. They should be able to enjoy their time at SPIRE and focus on their sport and schoolwork.”

So much apparel was provided that Bell and the SPIRE team were able to create a room on campus where students or staff can stop by at any time and select what they need. The new Donation Room is stocked full of clothes, shoes, jackets and just about anything else that someone might need throughout the fall and winter months in Geneva. 

Deeds like this are why we love the Geneva and Ashtabula communities! Thank you! There are always people willing to help. In this instance, they did just that and then some.

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