SPIRE Soccer Engages Locally in Geneva


SPIRE Academy is hopeful to see more youth within the Geneva, Ohio area playing soccer and upping their skillsets. Head Coach Sean Lane is reaching out beyond SPIRE’s campus and into the local community with the goal of providing children and young adults the resources they need to play at both a fun and challenging level.

Within Geneva, SPIRE has cultivated a healthy relationship with local travel teams. This is designed to host both boys and girls, and it’s a great opportunity for youth in Geneva to thrive and the SPIRE community to build strong relationships with families and teams in the greater area. A newly created program of 9 Geneva travel teams will run from April 2nd through the middle of June and will consist of approximately 200 children. These youth will not only play on one of Geneva’s teams but also utilize SPIRE’s campus for training. While on campus, the players will benefit from SPIRE’s excellent facilities, while taking full advantage of a curriculum that Head Coach Lane has created specifically for this purpose. In addition to helping develop players, this relationship also allows for the Geneva travel teams’ coaches to receive a continued coaching education.

SPIRE already held its first soccer camp in February with 51 players. It was met with excellent feedback, and due to high demand, a mini-camp/clinic is planned for this month.

We hope that by investing time, resources and dedication into Geneva community soccer programs, we’ll also be able to provide young athletes the chance to have fun playing soccer at a higher and more challenging level.

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