Bobby Kaleal

Been with SPIRE since May 2022

Hometown: Mayfield Heights, OH

Title: Director of SPIRE Performance

Bobby Kaleal is an award-winning performance coach, entrepreneur, inventor, and keynote speaker who specializes in extracting greatness out of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Drawing from his philosophy of Recognition, Educating, and Consistency (REC), Bobby helps individuals and companies reach their peak potential regardless of the situation. He has presented to hundreds of small and large firms as well as top management teams on various topics, including resilience, how to stay motivated, and how to create performance metrics and goals. He also owns 11 approved patents, including a sustainable, and scalable APP that uses AI and real-time biometrics to personalize exercise and therapy protocols. In 2011, his company, Health 360, was voted one of COSE’s Ten Under 10 Award Winners, an honor recognizing the top 10 companies with 10 or fewer employees for their best practices in innovation, growth/success, value to the community and the environment, diversity promotion, and customer service excellence.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Bobby is well-known for his role as the performance coach for two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic. Miocic is widely regarded by critics, media, and commentators as the greatest UFC heavyweight fighter of all time. Bobby is credited for contributing to much of Miocic’s success and has been featured in Men’s Health and ESPN The Magazine as well as countless other top publications. In addition to coaching professional athletes, Bobby served as the performance coach for the Mentor Ohio Police, and currently coaching the SPAN (Suburban Police Anti-Crime Network) SWAT Team, the Cleveland Ohio FBI, and the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team in Quantico, Virginia.

Bobby received a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and Fitness Management from Baldwin Wallace University, and two master’s degrees in Exercise Science, and Sports Management and Administration from Cleveland State University. He is a CSCS and RSCC with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Titleist Performance Specialist (Level II), and certified coach by USA Boxing (Level II).

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